Conditions of Financial Support


Teams applying for financial support (whether bursary or kit loan) complete the same form, and submit a 2-minute video in support. Successful teams will be provided with a robotics kit free of charge by FIRST® UK – either as a bursary or on loan.

All participating teams are expected to pay the £99 registration fee. Teams awarded a Kit Loan may, at the discretion of FIRST® UK have their registration fee waived.


Bursary teams will be issued with a proforma invoice for the £800 kit fee which will become payable on 1st April 2019. This invoice will be cancelled where the team complies with the conditions of the bursary specifically:

  • Attending a regional kick-off event
  • Participating in a regional tournament
  • Attending the UK & Ireland Championship
  • Fulfilling any reasonable requests related to communications and PR

Where an organisation is unable to comply with the conditions of financial support – the proforma invoice will become due.

Kit Loans

A limited number of kits are available to support underserved, underprivileged, or hard to reach communities. Organisations qualifying for a kit loan will be issued with a new robotics kit by FIRST® UK.

Teams in receipt of kit loans are expected to comply with the same conditions as for bursary teams. Where they fail to do so, the kit must be returned within 30 days of receiving a request from FIRST® UK – this is to ensure that loan kits are fully utilised and others are not deprived of the opportunity to participate.

Where a loan kit is returned with excessively missing or damaged parts, FIRST® UK reserve the right to invoice for the cost of replacing these parts.

General terms

  • Robotics kits remain the sole property of FIRST® UK until such time the invoice is cancelled or paid – or in the case of loan kits, it is returned.
  • Applicants must be aged over 18 years or over and authorised to complete an application on behalf of the school or organisation concerned.
  • In completing and submitting an application for financial support applicants acknowledge and agree to the conditions of financial support herein.