The challenge

Participants in FIRST Tech Challenge learn to think, operate and collaborate like innovators – designing robots to compete in tournaments. This season we've teamed up with Star Wars to be a Force for Change.

Throughout history, great civilizations have risen, then fallen. Now it’s our turn to rise—building and bolstering our own planetary metropolis.


Young people design, build and programme a robot to take on a global challenge with support from an industry mentor. Teams compete in regional tournaments and a national championship – in a bid to represent the UK at the world championships held in the USA.

Meeting weekly for a couple of hours between September and March, teams:

  • develop technical knowhow and core life skills
  • collaborate and compete in tournaments
  • engage with employers, universities and industry role models
  • build an understanding of career pathways, roles and opportunities
  • achieve recognition in the form of collective awards and individual accreditation

Developing tomorrow’s innovators

Comprehensive learning resources developed with educators and industry empower teams to achieve success. 


The programme maps to key curriculum points and can be delivered in the classroom or as an extracurricular activity. An online education platform provides access to structured content, training modules and collaboration.

Life skills

Using the same tools and methodologies as teams in industry – learners become proficient in broader workplace skills, building comprehension, confidence and resilience.


FIRST Tech Challenge is co-created and delivered in partnership with industry, building awareness of career pathways and empowering organisations to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks.

FIRST Tech Challenge 2018 game animation