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FIRST Tech Challenge drives evidence-led outcomes and school progress measures - mapping to key curriculum points and Gatsby Benchmarks whilst awarding learners with nationally recognised accreditation.

The programme itself is adding so much. You can't teach what they've been learning over the last year. You can try to teach them project management, system lifecycles and engineering from a textbook - it just doesn't work. What they're experiencing working as a team right now? It's superb.

David, Assistant Principal, Sawtry Village Academy
Learning resources from FIRST UK, is aligned to the national GCSE curriculum and developed by educators, industry and young people


Our education team is busy co-creating content and resources with industry, teachers and young people. We are launching a full syllabus in summer 2019, here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

Curriculum mapping

FIRST Tech Challenge integrates with GCSE Computer Science, Design and Technology and other curriculum points to facilitate in-timetable or extracurricular delivery.


FIRST Tech Challenge participants will be eligible to receive Industrial Cadets accreditation at a Silver or Gold level - funded by the programme.

Gatsby career benchmarking

FIRST Tech Challenge inherently aligns with the Gatsby Career Benchmarks, ensuring schools and educators can evidence clear progress against benchmarks four to seven.

Collaboration platform

We’re launching a e-learning platform hosting programme content and resources providing comprehensive support to teams including:

  • Pre-season training – including a confidence builder task
  • Integrated online content – how-to guides, presentations and videos
  • Technical support – 9-to-5 from FIRST UK HQ
  • Reporting – documenting attendance, the engineering process and progress towards accreditation
  • Online forums – collaborate with other teams, share ideas and expand network
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