With Resources

Gift in kind is as impactful as money - we're always on the look out for untapped resources which can enhance the journey of FIRST® Tech Challenge UK & Ireland teams as they build, practice, and compete with their robots.

Host an event

We're always on the hunt for venues to host kick-off events, regional tournaments, and the national championships - dedicated meeting spaces, auditoriums, stadia, or other inspirational venues that can host 50 to 1000+ attendees.

Provide storage & distribution

In August each year we ship hundreds of robotics kits (each the size of airline carry-on bag) before distributing to teams across the UK & Ireland. Being able to store these kits centrally in one location for a short period and arrange onward shipping would dramatically cut down our costs.

Supply engineering, design, technology support

FIRST® Tech Challenge teams use design and technology tools varying from screwdrivers up to 3D printers to build their robots. Access to tools or workshop space (temporary or dedicated) is invaluable during the build period from September to March - particularly within an industry setting.