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Being apart of FIRST® Tech Challenge means being apart of a worldwide community of STEM enthusiasts with plenty of knowledge and experience to share. While we do not control or facilitate the below forum and resource pages, teams may want to access these to stay connected to the larger FTC community.

Top Tip Tuesday

These tips were created by veteran FIRST® participants to further support UK teams. They are released weekly on Slack, but can also be found here in case you miss a week.

FLL Team at Competition

Official Forum

This forum allows FTC participants to ask questions regarding this year’s game pertaining to subjects such as game rules, judging and robot inspection. It’s especially helpful to read questions and answers that have already been posted so your team stays up to date with the most recent game information.

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Reddit and Discord

Reddit and Discord are forums for FTC participants to post and view helpful videos and information related to this year’s challenge. Teams may post information about what has worked or not worked for them during the build season.

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ROVER RUCKUS Season Materials

Keep up to date with the latest season materials on the FIRST® HQ website. Teams can access the most recent game manuals, DIY field guide, and inspection checklists.


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