Volunteer at events

Become a Game Changer and help make this season's FIRST Tech Challenge events truly epic. Whether you're a tech guru or a seasoned event pro – fuel the mission and inspire tomorrow's innovators.

Check out what makes a FIRST Tech Challenge event epic...

The most rewarding moment for me today is seeing my senior staff - twenty, thirty years experience - interacting with young students; giving them the benefit of their experience and inspiring them to become engineers of the future.

Tim, Senior Director of Engineering, Qualcomm


You know your stuff and want to apply your specialist tech and engineering knowledge. Skillsters assess, judge or troubleshoot technical elements to ensure teams and their robots are match-ready.

Game players

Be where the action lives. Run games like clockwork, keep the scores in check and call out foul play. You may even have some game knowledge, but it's not required for all roles.

Event gurus

Guide the teams on the ground making sure they're checked in, ready and where they need to be at all times. In these roles, you'll flex your super communication and motivation skills, while keeping everything running smoothly.