Training and resources

So, you’re officially a Game Changer for FIRST® Tech Challenge UK. To help you get in shape we've got some online training docs, which talk you through your role and responsibilities. Digest them at your own pace, with a teeny warning - avoid death by documentation!

Our training manuals were produced by global FIRST® HQ who run supersized Championships in the USA. We’re more laid back and bite-sized, making it a manageable and fun experience for teams taking part for the first time. We’ve done the hard work for you, and highlighted key sections for each training manual – if you’re going to read anything, it would be those pages. But hey, if you’re really into literature, you can always read the entire thing! Just don’t say we didn’t warn you…

All Game Changers have a duty of care towards the inspirational young people who attend our events. We know you’re awesome and you’ll help us ensure their safety and well-being. If you notice anything that concerns you on the day, report it to one of our FTC UK team members – the ones in the black polos? We take our responsibilities towards young people super-seriously – please familiarise with our Safeguarding Policy below.