By volunteering your time as a FIRST® Game Changer, we'll give you the tools and guidance to carry out your role with ease.

What you provide

Your time

We value the time you dedicate as a Game Changer, while juggling real-life commitments. In your role, you will take part in a one-day FIRST® Regional Championship most local to you.

  • Southern Regional Tournament, 13 Mar 2019, Cambridgeshire (Peterborough)
  • Northern Regional Tournament, 15 Mar 2019, Manchester

Your skills

We understand that not everyone has specialist tech or engineering knowledge. While these are useful for some of our volunteer opportunities, there are plenty of roles that rely on skills you already possess. Whether you’re a great communicator or a pro at herding cats, there are skills you have that will make these events a success.

If you’re not sure which roles are right for you, check out our full role descriptions for guidance.

Your values

FIRST® values champion camaraderie, innovation, respect and teamwork. As a Game Changer, your guidance and support is invaluable for teams competing at our events. Whether you want to pass on your knowledge or motivate young people to be their best, we ask that you bring your all to these events and inspire young people to choose STEM.

What we provide

We provide the food, travel and where applicable, accommodation in return for your talent and energy.


Many of the volunteer roles require no more than an introduction when you arrive at the event. For the roles which require more specific knowledge, self-paced training will be provided. You will receive handy manuals before the event, to digest in your own time.

Certain technical roles require an additional online quiz to test your knowledge and ensure that you understand the key responsibilities.

Join the FIRST® Game Changers

Start by registering to volunteer, selecting the events and roles you’re interested in. The deadline to register is 22 February 2019.

Once you’ve completed this short form, you will receive an email with the next steps to finalise your commitment as a FIRST® volunteer. We’ll later assign the role best suited to your skills and get you started on your training.

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