As a charity our ultimate mission is to go out of business, by creating a world where all young people have access to industry-linked robotics education. Help us get there faster by donating time, resources or funding.

Donate time

We need to connect young people with role models they identify with, reflecting the diverse range of experiences, skill-sets and backgrounds required in the workplace.

From the boardroom to the factory floor; as part of a company-wide employee engagement initiative or a targeted learning and development opportunity for specific cohorts; whether a day of technical event volunteering, or continuous rich engagement mentoring a team – we rely critically on employers and employees donating their time to invest in young people who will invent our future.

“Connecting with young people at this age and point in their lives is really important; there was nothing like this when I was their age. I would have loved it – it’s great for them, they can understand what they want to be when they’re older.”

Matt, mentor 2019, JCB

Mentor a team

Mentors bring a real-world perspective to the classroom – coaching young people and preparing them to take on tomorrow’s challenges. They can be employees from local industry, STEM ambassadors, parents or just all-round legends keen on paying it forward.

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Volunteer at events

Not everyone can devote regular time to mentor a team but many are able to offer ad-hoc support. We rely on a squad of passionate and dedicated Game Changers from all backgrounds to fill technical and non-technical roles at robotics events.

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Donate resources

Young people deserve to be inspired by STEM in the same way they might engage with a sporting event or music festival. Our critical friends help us achieve that with cool things like:

  • Venues – providing great spaces to host events
  • Amplification – spreading the word
  • Expertise – helping us do things better or faster

There’s a myriad of ways your company or network can amplify impact via gift-in-kind.

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Donate money

Invest in the young people who will transform the future by making STEM inclusive and accessible for all.


The robotics kits supplied to teams are reusable year-on-year. Funding this capital cost removes a significant barrier to entry and ensures an embedded, sustainable robotics platform to develop multiple cohorts of young people.

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Events foster collaboration and interaction between teams, schools and industry whilst raising aspirations. Supporting travel, accommodation and other costs improves accessibility and drives social mobility.

Help us be More Than Robots

  • We build More Than Robots

    We invest in the young people who will invent the future. We’re a tech charity using robots, role models and competitions to equip young people with the technical know-how and soft skills to thrive.